Halpern Family Donates $10,000 to Doraville Police Department

Halpern family makes generous donation to city police department

by Robert Kelley, Doraville Insight

(L-R) Jack Halpern, Carolyn Halpern Oppenheimer, and Chief John King. photo credit: Robert Kelley

(L-R) Jack Halpern, Carolyn Halpern Oppenheimer, and Chief John King. Photo credit: Robert Kelley

Local businessman Jack Halpern and his sister, Carolyn Halpern Oppenheimer, were recently recognized at a city council meeting by Mayor Donna Pittman and Doraville Police Chief John King for a generous gift to the Doraville Police Department (DPD). Halpern and his sister made a $10,000 donation to the DPD in memory of their parents, Halpern Enterprises founder Bernard Halpern and his wife, Shirley.

Halpern Enterprises, based in Doraville, is recognized as one of the Southeast’s most experienced shopping center development and management companies.

Chief King noted that the donation was used to purchase two significant pieces of equipment for each officer. One was Officer Survival Packs, that every patrol officer will have in his or her patrol car.

These packs are compact and loaded with the following contents: 1-OSS Combat Compression Dressing; 2-Hemostatic Gauze Packs; 1-Swat-T Tactical Wrap Tourniquet; 2-Sterile 3 inch Gauze Rolls; 6-Sterile 4×4 Gauze Sponges; 1-12 ply 5×9 Sterile Trauma Pad; 1-3×9 Petrolatum Non Adherent Dressing; 1-Set of Rescue Shears; 1-1 inch Cloth Medical tape; and 2 pairs of Black OSS Nitrile Gloves.

This Rip Away Patrol Pack is a two-part Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (M.O.L.L.E.) system. The back-plate is designed to be affixed to any M.O.L.L.E. component with the pouch being affixed to the backplate with a Velcro backing. This is a tri-pouch compartment that will fit any blowout kit with extra room for additional squad support items or medical supplies.

The kit allows officers to provide immediate first aid on trauma victims awaiting medical assistance.

“Also purchased with the donation were top-of-the-line reflective vests that our officers can wear while they’re on the freeway, especially useful in meeting new Depart of Transportation requirements,” said Chief King. “The roads are pretty dangerous for our officers, especially at night, and the new vests should provide additional protection.

The donation was at the bequest of Shirley Halpern before her recent passing. “This was such a gracious thing for her to do, to think of our police department,” said Mayor Pittman. “She loved the police department and this equipment will be much used and appreciated.”

Reprinted with permission of the Doraville Insight (Vol. 2, Issue 2, Spring 2015).