Halpern Commemorates 30-Year Team Member Anniversaries

John Brozovic and Dan Gagne celebrate 30 years with Halpern Enterprises

We proudly gathered last week to celebrate a remarkable milestone – Dan Gagne and John Brozovic’s 30th anniversary with Halpern Enterprises.

“We are honored that both Dan and John have chosen to make their careers at Halpern. Their professionalism and deal-making skills set them apart as some of the best in our business for how to treat people and get deals done. We are grateful they have mentored and set such a fine example for our next generation of leaders,” said Halpern Executive Vice President Carolyn Oppenheimer.

As a third-generation company, Halpern has always taken pride in nurturing a family-like culture of harmony, mutual respect and collaboration. The firm is committed to providing long-term, rewarding career opportunities and positioning team members for success.

“The most attractive thing for me personally about Halpern Enterprises is how they make everyone feel like we are part of the family,” said Gagne

Dan and John began their Halpern careers as property managers, becoming experts on the firm’s properties, tenants and personalized approach to business. They both grew into Regional Leasing Director roles and have been instrumental in building strong industry relationships to keep Halpern properties well-leased by local, regional and national tenants.

“Over the last 30 years, I have been proud to be a part of the incredible growth of this company. I started at an entry-level position and have been given consistent opportunities for growth to advance my career. This, along with the example of honesty and integrity set by the leadership, has kept me here,” said Brozovic.

Dan Gagne and John Brozovic with their families.