Halpern Celebrates Long-Standing Tenant’s 50th Anniversary

On April 29th, the Halpern family, Atlanta politicians, and dozens of community members came together to celebrate “Dr. Richard T. Colson Day.” The event, hosted by Council member Andrea L. Boone and Halpern Enterprises, drew nearly 40 people to honor Richard Colson and the 50th anniversary of his locksmith business, Saf-T-Lock.

Mr. Colson’s company spent 43 of those 50 years at Halpern’s Gordon Plaza shopping center. During his five decades in business, he earned the nickname: “Mayor of Gordon Plaza” due his dedication to protecting, educating, and empowering the community.

“It’s rare for any company to last 50 years, and it’s a rare individual who can keep a business going for such a long time,” said Jack Halpern, Halpern’s Chairman & CEO.  “We have enjoyed doing business with Mr. Colson not only because he is talented and dependable – but, more importantly, because of his honesty and integrity.”

During the celebration, Jack presented Mr. Colson with a plaque commemorating their decades-long relationship. Mr. Colson has served his community not only as a respected businessman, but as a teacher within the Atlanta Public School system.

We wish Mr. Colson many more years of continued success.

Back From Left: Chris Hoffmeister, Dan Gagne; Front From Left: Brad Oppenheimer, Benjamin Halpern, Matthew Oppenheimer, Cary Halpern, Richard Colson, Carolyn Oppenheimer, Jack Halpern